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DR. Mcayla Sarno

Today, I am currently a licensed psychotherapist, A Brain Training and MindSet Expert and an EMDR specialist, which stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, a brain training expert, and creator of several online programs and guided courses to help people just like you to change their brain, to remove negative core beliefs and to draw abundance in their lives. Now, for those of you who have not heard about EMDR, its not just a fancy name for some “new age” treatment, It is an amazing form of treatment to help people reprocess their beliefs and much of the work, and theory behind my programs was inspired and based on the original concept behind EMDR. I am also the creator of the EMDR 5 Day Intensive, which is a 5 day intensive treatment that was created as a result of a year long study funded by the accredited EMDR Institute to give people the lift off and the experience of months of treatment but within a 5 day time frame. I’m also an addiction specialist having worked in inpatient and out patient treatment for many years which led me to becoming a trained interventionist, personally trained by one of the leaders in the field of addiction and interventions. I’ve also gained specialized training in Marriage and couples therapy by the leading expert in attachment in relationships, Dr. Sue Johnson. I’ve worked with and treated all forms of mental illness and personality disorders so I have a very diverse back-ground in Psychology, Neuroscience and an in depth understanding of human behavior, and components of change and resistance.

 The only thing standing between you and your goals,
is the story you keep telling yourself. 

... ...

Another big change came along

Now, in the last five years I’ve had the opportunity to speak to large audiences and share the stage with many of the best leaders in the industry of personal development while continuing to still run my private practice in Mission Viejo, California, where I see a limited, but very special group of clients. But what I am most proud of is that I am a mom, and I am a wife and I believe my purpose and passion in life is to help people overcome their past, overcome negative beliefs and help people live a better quality of life and receive all that the world is waiting to give them. But I just love helping people figure things out. I feel blessed to do what I do. I honestly believe that the crazy stuff I experienced as a child was all part of a bigger picture that led me to where I am today. It led me to my purpose and helping people.

But this journey began with my own personal search for meaning. It’s what led me to do the work I do today. Finding meaning was the driving force in my life and my faith my backbone that set me on a journey to understand the many "why's" from my own disgruntled past so that I could make sense of my own pathology and purpose in life. Now as a result today I help others do the same.

Changing lives and helping people get UnStuck is my mission in life. I teach on the developmental aspects of Self Awareness as a critical component to change, happiness, healing and living purposeful lives. This approach was the direct result of not only my own life experiences but also treating highly dissociative clients and also highly motivated entrepreneurs seeking to move beyond mental blocks. Though both very different positions a common component binded the two as I concluded that truth, is a state of mind. And if you know me, you know how much I love the truth. It was the key tomy own survival as a child.

 Our greatest and biggest fear is
that we are powerful beyond measure.

But what I have learned throughout this journey is that identity is self made not man made and that the only things that have power over us are those things we allow to define us.My desire to seek the truth and my love for knowledge has reshaped the very identity that once limited me and that now removes those limitations for others. Most people have learned how to survive yet few have ever learned how to live. The journey in our lives only ends if we end it and I can’t imagine a better way to travel through life than with blessings of gratitude and purpose for living life the way it was truly intended to live.

“Fight the lies, Find the Truth.”

Here’s to Living!

Dr Mcayla Sarno


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