Stop Surviving And Start Living!

You’ve tried traditional talk therapy and maybe even dabbled in EMDR but if you’re looking for a more aggressive approach to getting UnStuck and changing the very things that are still holding you back Dr. Mcayla’s 5 Day EMDR Intensive Program is exactly what you need. You’ ll be working one on one directly with Brain Training & MindSet Expert, Dr. Mcayla Sarno. Dr. Mcayla makes breaking the cycle of limiting thoughts, repetitive patterns and unhealthy behaviors possible as slated by the many lives changed by her Intensive program.

In order to create change in our lives we must first un-derstand how change truly occurs.


Dr Mcayla’s 5 Day EMDR Intensive is a powerful catalyst towards change. It is a 5 Day experience that takes what you’ve learned so far to move you forward and beyond stuck places in your life.

There are leaders in the field of Marketing, Business, Networking and Coaching however coaching is for those who don’t have the information and need it whereas Dr Mcayla’s 5 Day EMDR Intensive is for those who have the information yet don’t know what to do with it.

“I not only wanted to help people overcome current challenges but also grow and evolve to experience their life in a way that moves them into their purpose.”

Dr. Mcayla is noted a pioneer in her field and highly recognized for her ability to connect powerfully with her clients providing the optimal treatment experience for change to occur as slated by the on-going success her client’s achieve.

What makes Dr. Mcayla’s EMDR Intensives so effective is a result of her intense dedication to Neuroscience and Brain Mastery as well as her expertise in the field of Psychology and Mindset in conjunction with her deep intellectual understanding of people, connection, and vulnerability. In addition, Dr Mcayla encourages the development of acute self awareness as a self motivating factor toward change. If you’ve had the opportunity to hear Dr. Mcayla speak at the many events including Smart Success and Marketing Impact Academy you’ve experienced this first hand!

Listen to one of Dr. Mcayla’s EMDR intensive clients share his own experience first hand.

Over the past 20 years, MILLIONS of people have been treated successfully with EMDR. Not only is EMDR considered the number one form of treatment for changing Core Beliefs by the American Defense and the American Psychiatric Association it is noted for its accelerated effects and speeding up the process eliminating years of therapy that would otherwise ensue. And because EMDR is the only form of treatment that can be done consecutive days in a row you have the opportunity to really make traction in your life.

“Removing Mental Blocks requires Removing Negative Beliefs.”

Because the Emotional part of the Brain dominates the Logical part utilizing Neuro Linguistic techniques along with many other Brain Training and Developmental approaches are used during your intensive to Prime your Brain for re-wiring to occur. As a result new belief blueprints are formed as your brain recognizes new thought patterns. As a result your outlook and perception shifts and new possibilities are naturally foreseen.

Dr Mcayla’s EMDR Intensive is designed to solidify new positive beliefs. Founded in science this new revolutionary approach changes the one thing that holds most people back from ever reaching their full potential, the Brain.


  •  Focus
  •  Confidence
  •  Self Doubt
  •  Insecurities
  •  Lack of Motivation
  •  Lack of Clarity
  •  Bad Habits
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Obsessive Thoughts
  •  Fear of Conflict/Confrontation
  •  Anxiety/Depression/Anger
  •  Trauma
  •  Desensitize Painful Memories
  •  Addiction
  •  Relationships
  •  Time Management
  •  Public Speaking
  •  Or your simply looking to Evolve…


Most will pay thousands and some tens of thousands seeking treatment for issues ranging from disgruntled relationships to challenges in their career or life path. And although most have good intentions busy lives often disrupt the course of treatment. Dr Mcayla’s EMDR intensives are the equivalent of 20-30 sessions that you dedicate to just one week placing the value on your time.

Your 5 Day Intensive fee is $6,295 with a $1500 deposit to reserve your week. This is the kind of experience that truly changes lives.

Your Intensive includes:


One pre-consultation interview with Dr. Mcayla to assess for candidacy, gain insight, identify obstacles, and target mental blocks.


One pre-consultation phone interview with Dr. Mcayla to prepare you for your week and assess treatment goals.


Five customized days consisting of 2 hours per day of intensive EMDR and Brain Training Sessions with Dr. Mcayla in her Orange County, Ca office.


Exclusive access to Dr. Mcayla’s online programs to accelerate all facets of your treatment and support permanent change.


Continued access to Dr Mcayla through her online brain training programs group chat rooms.


Two 1-hour post treatment phone interviews to assess and support the client’s adaption to the positive changes that will occur.

I wanted to create a treatment experience that would allow those living busy lives yet are still deeply committed to change to have the opportunity to dedicate one week rather than months but with equal effectiveness that ongoing weekly treatment could provide.

It’s Time to Start Living!

Intensive Effects:

  •  Remove Mental Obstacles
  •  Remove Neurological Blocks
  •  Increase in Focus, Clarity, and Calm
  •  Increased Confidence
  •  Improved Communication
  •  Boost Your Memory
  •  Improve Your Mood
  •  Improved Self Esteem
  •  Eliminate Obsessive Thoughts/Behaviors
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Reduce/Eliminate Triggered Responses
  •  Dramatic Reduction in Anxiety, Depression, and Anger
  •  Increase in Motivation and Drive
  •  Inspiration and new sense of direction
  •  Improved Relationships and Overall Quality of Life
  •  PERMANENT elimination of targeted Negative Beliefs
  •  No more revisiting a therapist for the “same” issues!

So if you’re ready for a real change, a PERMANENT change, and experience life free from the constraints that have been holding you back reserve your week today!

Here’s to Living!
Dr Mcayla

Dr. Mcayla’s EMDR Intensive versus traditional EMDR:

In REM sleep mode our brains are processing data and information collected throughout the events of the day. The brains job is to correct inconsistencies and to form conclusions from that information to help us better respond to the world. However, when we become busier in our lives our sleep patterns are often interrupted leaving compiled data and information left unprocessed. What’s left unprocessed causes us to remain stuck. Dr. Mcayla’s 5 Day Intensive provides the brain an optimal window of time to complete that processing not only for the day to day but through the many layers of data collected and com-piled over time. And while weekly engagement of EMDR is still very effective not everyone has the time to devote to weekly sessions that could take years to complete nor sit in their emotions from week to week. And while Dr. Mcayla encourages a continuation of EMDR if deemed necessary post treatment this is an intense kick start that for many is enough to create that life change their looking for. And because EMDR is the only form of treatment that can be offered consecutive days in a row THIS just makes sense!

A note about your training:

EMDR Intensive sessions will last 2 hours per day. After your session it is recommended that you be free from distraction. This will allow you time to relax, process the training and spend time solidifying the cogni-tions created during your EMDR session. Sessions take place in Orange County, CA. Traveling clients are responsible for their own airfare and accommodations. Locations, rates, and suggestions for convenient ac-commodations may be provided upon request.


Note: Due to limited availability I will not be able to accept all requests. One of my team members will contact you after you submit your request to make final schedule arrangements.

Find out EXACTLY what is holding back!

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