Dr. Mcayla is a Brain Training and MindSet Expert, Certified E.M.D.R. Specialist, Author, Speaker and Mentor to many. Her success is benchmarked by the many lives inspired and transformed by her personal story and courageous efforts to overcome Negative Beliefs all part of her powerfully moving story.

Her reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to explore and connect on difficult topics with immense honesty, warmth, and humor. She is a thought-leader and storyteller with the rare ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable change strategies.

 I am a person who get’s people unstuck, and I am fascinated by people just like you. I’ve had the opportunity to speak and share the stage with many of the best leaders in the industry of personal development. Including New York Times Best Selling author and entrepreneur Chalene Johnson, co-author of The book, the Secret, John Assaraf, New York Times best selling author Brendon Burchard, former NFL stand out and now international story coach, Bo Eason and the amazing Product Launch Formula creator Jeff Walker all major contributors to Personal development and bettering the lives of others, so you could say we have a common interest for helping people to reach their full potential.

But what am I the most proud of? That I am a mom, and I am a wife and I believe my purpose and passion in life is to help people overcome their past, over-come negative beliefs and help people live a better quality of life and receive all that the world is waiting to give them. But I just love helping people figure things out. I feel blessed to do what I do. I honestly believe that the crazy stuff I experienced as a child was all part of a bigger picture that led me to where I am today. It led me tomy purpose and helping people. 

Here’s to Living!

Dr Mcayla Sarno

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Past Events

Smart Success Seminar 2015

The Hyatt Regency Hotel
11999 Harbor Blvd. Garden Grove CA 92840

Marketing Impact Academy 2015

Temecula, CA

Smart Success Seminar 2014

The Hyatt Regency Hotel
11999 Harbor Blvd. Garden Grove CA 92840

Marketing Impact Academy 2014

Temecula, CA


Smart Success Seminar 2013

"Changing Your Beliefs"
Irvine CA 92606

Chalene Johnson “Push Live” event.

January 19th, 2012
Omni Dallas Park West Hotel. Dallas, Texas.

2013 Saddleback Church March 2013

1 Saddleback Parkway Lake Forest CA 92630

Upcoming Events

TedX Talk 2016

Luxembourg, Germany

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