Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I do individual sessions as opposed to an Intensive?

Yes, your journey and how you choose to experience it is completely up to you.

Will I get the same results doing individual sessions as I would an intensive?

If you allow yourself to be open and surrender to the process you will achieve results either way. The pace however, will change and the experience will change as well. My Intensives eliminate the emotional stand still that week to week often times presents.

Will I get the same results using Dr Mcayla’s online programs as I would individual sessions?

No, my online programs are not a replacement for therapy and while I do my best to mimic the experience of being in session together duplicating components of a live session proves difficult to do. Additionally, results vary depending on the work you’ve previously done. We are all at different places in our personal development and only you can determine what’s best for you. With that being said, many use my programs to prepare them for future therapy and provides for them a framework and a map that allows them to not only feel empowered but in control of the their experience to achieve a real change.

Can I use your programs instead of therapy?

My online programs are not a replacement for therapy nor are they considered therapy rather, they are brain training techniques that anyone can use to prompt and direct core change.

There are other EMDR therapists that offer EMDR. Can I get the same results seeing them?

There are over 70,000 EMDR therapist world wide. However, therapists are like fitness trainers. There are many to choose from but it’s finding the right fit. So many crucial elements contribute to the process that will either prompt or prevent ones’ ability to change.

Can I afford this?

To be quite honest, you can’t afford not to. If there was such a thing as a quick fix we would all be cured. I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the driving forces behind our behaviors. And what I’ve found was that focusing on the behavior itself does not solve the problem in which case, the investment is worth it if in the long run if your are addressing the problem with the appropriate solution in which case, cuts your time and investment in half.

I’m concerned because i’m very good at hiding things?

Unconscious resistance is to be expected. The ego is quite skilled and diligent when it comes to our survival. What the ego doesn’t know is that you no longer need to survive today, not in the way you once needed to. And in the right environment, the ego will surrender to change.

Is this like hypnotherapy?

It’s actually quite the opposite. Hypnosis prompts a calm mental state whereas EMDR may prompt anxiety. This is because the calm state is a result of being in the present which is not indicative of the subconscious mind that represents solely your past. If your goal is to achieve permanent change then the temporary anxiety that may surface with EMDR is a sign that permanent change is occurring. Not to mention, if hypnosis really worked we’d all be cured.

I’m very good and hiding my feelings and presenting false effectiveness. Will this affect my ability to achieve successful results with your EMDR intensive?

This is a common concern. I understand what and who I’m working with. I understand how our brains operate and most importantly I understand what my clients resistance. Resistance is part of the process.

What if I can’t “go there.”

I can’t promise anyone that you’ll “go there” however, in the many years I have been doing this work I do understand what keeps us from “going there.”

I’ll afraid I’ll go home and revert right back to old behaviors and habits?

This is not a quick fix nor an oil change rather a major lift off to transition you from survival mode to on your journey. The journey lasts a lifetime whereas survival mode inhibits the slightest growth.

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance. My time and investment in your development and evolving as a human being supersedes what insurance compensates. With that, my time costs, but my care is for free.

Can I really change core beliefs with your Intensive in just 5 days and just 10 hours?

Absolutely, I dedicated an entire year researching this process and intensives specifically and what was possible for change to occur as well as how much the brain could handle within a specific time frame. I elicited the support of the EMDR institute who funded the study I was conducting to better educate the community on consecutive days of EMDR as a catalyst towards permanent change.

What can I expect from this intensive?

You can expect to be challenged. I’m going to prompt you to challenge everything you currently know to be true. And while it isn’t my job to convince you of anything it is my job to present you with the truth. The rest will be up to you. I’m going to take you to where X marks the spot and walk with you until you no longer need me. I’m going to teach you how to be your own therapist so that you can go on and teach other’s the same.

Find out EXACTLY what is holding back!

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