A psychotherapist, mindset, life style and EMDR expert dedicated to helping you step into your most powerful self.


A psychotherapist, mindset, life style and EMDR expert dedicated to helping you step into your most powerful self.


am a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Brain Training and MindSet Expert and Certified EMDR Specialist but also just a person who is extremely passionate about what I do and helping people to live better lives. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with EMDR, it’s not just a fancy name for some “New Age” therapy rather, an amazing cutting edge form of treatment to help people reprocess Core Beliefs and is the inspiration behind much of the work I do today.

The point is not what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us.

I love to think out of the box and find new ways to reach people who might otherwise fall through the cracks. I believe everyone deserves to find happiness and peace in their lives as well as meaning and purpose. As a result I’ve created programs and online courses to help people re-program thought patterns and change the ONE thing that stops most people from ever reaching their full potential, the brain.

I am also the creator of the 5 Day EMDR Intensive, which is a 5 day in-tensive treatment that was created as a result of a year long research study funded and supported by the accredited EMDR Institute to give people the lift off and the experience of months of treatment but within a 5 day time frame. In addition, I’m an addiction specialist which led me to becoming a skilled interventionist and personally trained by one of the leaders in the field of addiction and interventions, Mr. Ken Seeley who is most notably recognized from the nationally televised program “Inter-vention.”

From these folks and many others, I continue to learn new things each day. I’m blessed to have had so many wonderful mentors over the years!


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Today, I am a Relationship Expert with specialties including Trauma, Dissociation, Personality and Obsessive Compulsive disorders as well as Elite Performance Enhancement Treatment for those desiring to achieve their highest potential. My treatment approach is that of Self Awareness as a critical component to change and Love as a critical component to ones’ healing.

W hen I’m not sharing and teaching to the larger audiences with whom I am blessed to connect with from the stage I continue to run my private practice in Orange County, California where I see a limited but very special group of clientele. But what I am most proud of is that I am a mom, and a wife and I believe my purpose and passion in life is to help people overcome their past, overcome negative beliefs, and help people live a better quality of life. I feel blessed to do what I do. And I just love helping people figure things out.

My mission is teaching people just like me, just like you do the same!

This journey began as a result of my own personal search for meaning. Making sense of the craziness from my own childhood while making it meaningful in the lives of others is what led me to do the work I do to-day. Creating change and helping people to evolve to a higher level of consciousness where they can be “at their best” all the time is my passion. And my desire for knowledge as well as my love for the truth has become my driving force. Most people have learned how to survive yet, few have ever learned how to live.

Here‘s to Living!

Find out EXACTLY what is holding back!

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